"Mike has an exemplary customer service going beyond just business. He relates and builds relationship with every customer. He makes sure they are safe, secured and comfortable. It's almost tangible seeing the exuberant joy he feels to make a genuine difference. He loves what he does!"

MOH, Customer, client

"A service with the ability to go above and beyond what you would normally expect."

R. Olarte, Care Optima , client

I am a Senior Citizen, living at a facility for the past 8 years, and I have on occasion used Drive of Faith Transportation Inc. However, for the past year I have used Drive of Faith Transportation Inc. quite extensively. They are courteous, thoughtful, kind, and make a very trying situation bearable. Drive of Faith Transportation Inc’s staff is doing a great job and I really appreciate them.

Dianne Peters, client

"He really treats them like his own parent. He has such a big heart and a big smile! We are so lucky that we have him to take our patients safely to their appointments."

T. Courtney, Facility Liaison, client